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Wheat Pasta (175 gm)

Wheat Pasta (175 gm)

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Wheat Millet Pasta 


Introducing our delectable wheat pasta, a perfect choice for pasta lovers and health-conscious individuals. Made from high-quality durum wheat semolina, this 175 gm pack of pasta is packed with nutrition and flavor. 


Wheat Millet Pasta Ingredients


  • Wheat Flour
  • Kodo,Finger,Little, Ragi Millet Flour & Salt


Taste Blender


  • Salt, Spices (Cloves, Coriander, Cumin, Cinnamon, Ginger, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Tomato Powder & Noodles Powder).


Method Preparation


  • Boil 5 Cup of water with one spoon of oil and add the pasta cook 2-4 min only. Dred the cooked Standard Millet pasta and rinse with cold water set asid.
  • 3 to 4 spoon oil in the vessel add cup of Onion, cabbage, Green Chilli, Carrot & Beans. Add Standard Taste blender & Mix well finally add the cooked Standard Millet pasta toss Gently.
  • Saute in 1 or 2 minutes and serve it hot.

🍝 The wheat pasta is rich in fiber, providing a wholesome and satisfying meal option.
🌾 Made from durum wheat semolina, it has a delightful texture and delightful taste.
👨‍🍳 Cooks in just minutes, making it a convenient choice for quick and easy meals.
💚 A healthier alternative to traditional white pasta, it helps support a balanced diet.
🌱 Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, catering to a wide range of dietary preferences.

Upgrade your pasta meals with our irresistible wheat pasta.

🍽️ Break the norm and embrace a healthier, tastier pasta experience.


Storage Condition:

✔️ To be stored in a dry place under room temperature and controlled environment.



✔️The Wheat pasta, has 6 month lifetime



✔️100% naturally Wheat pasta,.
✔️Safe delivery standards.
✔️We follow good manufacturing practices.



✔️Get it within 2-5 days. (Pan India)
✔️FREE SHIPPING on Orders Above ₹ 1000
✔️Delivery Fee ₹ 49 for on Order Below ₹ 1000 

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