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✅ Welcome to our exclusive collection of premium rice, where each grain is hand-picked, carefully processed, and lovingly packed to deliver an exceptional culinary experience. Our wide range of rice will tantalize your taste buds with its unique flavors, textures, and colors, making them the perfect choice for every occasion.


✅ From the aromatic and flavorful Kullakar Rice to the nutrient-rich Black Rice, we have something for everyone. The Red Puttu Rice, with its distinctive red hue and light, fluffy texture, is perfect for making traditional Kerala-style puttu, while the Poongar Red Rice is ideal for making wholesome and delicious biryanis.


✅ If you're looking for some old-school goodness, try our Ponni Hand Pound Rice, made using age-old techniques that give it an unmatched taste and aroma. The Thooyamalli Raw Rice and Thooyamalli Rice are perfect for preparing classic South Indian dishes, while the Salem Sanna Rice, with its long and slender grains, is ideal for making fluffy and aromatic biryanis.


✅ Our collection also includes the popular Ponni Raw Rice, Ponni Rice, and Idly Rice which are a staple in every Indian household. The Kichili Samba Rice and Mappillai Samba Rice, with their unique texture and flavor, are ideal for making pulao, biryanis, and even desserts.


✅ For those looking for some exotic flavors, try the Karun Kuruvai Rice, a rare and premium variety from Tamil Nadu, or the Kattuyanam Rice, which is known for its rich aroma and taste. The Aruvatham Kuruvai Rice, another exclusive variety, is ideal for making authentic Tamil Nadu-style biryanis and pulao.


✅ At our farm, we are committed to delivering the best quality rice to our customers, free from any preservatives or artificial additives. With our online store, you can now experience the magic of our rice from the comfort of your home, with just a few clicks.


So, go ahead, explore our collection of rice, and elevate your meals to a whole new level of deliciousness. Order now and savor the authentic flavors of India!