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Sorghum Pasta (175 gm)

Sorghum Pasta (175 gm)

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What is Sorghum Pasta?

Sorghum pasta is a type of gluten-free pasta made from ancient grain sorghum. This type of pasta is packed with nutrition, providing necessary vitamins and minerals such as B vitamins, fiber, magnesium, zinc, and iron. It also has a mild flavor that won’t overwhelm dishes’ flavors or aromas.

As an added bonus, it cooks similarly to traditional wheat pasta with a similarly chewy texture and similar preparation time. Sorghum pasta is a nutritious, gluten-free alternative to wheat pasta that allows people with Celiac disease and gluten sensitivities to enjoy the same meals as everyone else. Made from ancient grain sorghum, this unique type of pasta offers an abundance of health benefits and a delicious flavor profile for all types of recipes.


The Benefits of Sorghum Pasta


🥘Sensitivities to wheat and gluten, sorghum pasta is an excellent alternative.

🥘While the flavor may be a bit different from traditional wheat pasta,

🥘It cooks similarly and works well in many dishes.

🥘Because it’s made from ancient grains,

🥘It also has nutritional benefits and can provide important minerals and vitamins

🥘that are often lacking in gluten-free diets. Plus, you don’t have to worry about gluten ingestion!

🥘Sorghum pasta can be a great addition to your diet as part of an overall health plan.


Tips for Cooking with Sorghum Pasta

Cooking with sorghum pasta is relatively simple and straightforward. To get the most out of your pasta, adjust the cooking time accordingly

while wheat pasta typically cooks in around 8 minutes, sorghum may need a few extra minutes – between 10-12 minutes – to get to the desired level of doneness. Additionally, be sure to use enough water when boiling, as this will help prevent the pasta from sticking together.


Ideas for Making Delicious Dishes with Sorghum Pasta

Sorghum pasta can be used in a multitude of tasty dishes, from salads and casseroles to light lunches and hearty dinners. Its nutty flavor pairs especially well with lightly herbed sauces and fresh vegetables such as roasted red peppers, sautéed mushrooms and spinach, or grilled eggplant.

To add a touch of extra flavor, sprinkle some cheese and herbs on top. Combine the cooked sorghum pasta with these delicious ingredients for an unforgettable meal!


Delicious Sorghum pasta

Sorghum pasta doesn’t just taste good; it also boasts plenty of nutrition. It is high in fiber and has a low glycemic index, meaning it won't spike your blood sugar levels too quickly after eating it. It’s a great source of protein and other vitamins and minerals, including calcium, iron, zinc, and magnesium. Plus, sorghum pasta is naturally gluten-free!




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