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Kuzhi Karandi

Kuzhi Karandi

Size: 11.5 Inch



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What is Bronze Kuzhi Karandi

Embrace your roots and usher in the old-school way of living by bringing bronze utensils into your daily cooking methods. Used by our ancestors, metals like bronze are therapeutic in nature and apart from their resilience, food cooked using these utensils leave you and your family nourished.

Crafted by the hands of abled rural artisans, our Bronze Kuzhi Karandi has a deep centre that’s perfect for cooking Sambar, Rasam and other runny gravies. Traditional Pure Brass vessels can also help in strengthening your immunity and increasing your haemoglobin count. So, bid goodbye to the cheap and hazardous steel, aluminium and non-stick cookware and bring back our traditional and enriching methods of cooking

How To Use of Kuzhi Karandi

The ladle is long-handled with a cup-shaped end used to serve sauce or soup.


Kuzhi Karandi is one of the common types of ladles found in our south Indian kitchen.


It has multiple uses to serve Kuzhambu, rasam, pouring the batter to idli trays, preparing dosas, etc.


Bronze Extra Deep Ladle is very sturdy and has a long handle. Since it is made of bronze it is durable.


BronzeKuzhi Karandi for cooking

Yes, it is completely safe to to cook in bronze vessels. Bronze is minimally reactive with acidic food and to this day, retains it's reputation as one of the best metals to cook .






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