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Horse Gram / கொள்ளு / ಹುರುಳಿ / ఉలవలు / कुलथी दाल / മുതിര

Horse Gram / கொள்ளு / ಹುರುಳಿ / ఉలవలు / कुलथी दाल / മുതിര

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What is Horse Gram

Horse Gram (Macrotyloma uniflorum) is a legume, specifically a pulse crop, native to India and widely used in traditional Ayurveda medicinal practices as well as being a staple part of the diet in some parts of India. It's small and black in appearance, typically measuring 2-3 millimeters – so small that traditional grinding machines can't grind it! It has a nutty taste and a pleasant aroma which makes it popular for cooking or baking.

Nutrition Facts of Horse Gram

🔔 Horse Gram is a rich source of numerous vitamins and minerals which are essential for a healthy body.

🔔 It contains iron, calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin B, dietary fiber and is especially

🔔 high in protein with an impressive 20-24g per 100g serving.

🔔 In addition to this, it also contains significant quantities of leucine and lysine– amino acids that

🔔 important for muscle growth and repair. With these essential macronutrients,

🔔 Horse Gram is beneficial for promoting bone strength, improving metabolism and aiding digestion.

Health Benefits of Horse Gram

🔅Horse Gram is known to have many health benefits, some of which include reducing cholesterol, aiding in weight-loss,

🔅lowering blood sugar levels and improving overall cardiovascular health.

🔅It is also high in antioxidants which help protect against oxidative stress and reduce inflammation associated with chronic diseases.

🔅Horse Gram is also known to have powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties which can help aid the immune system and fight off infections.

How to use Horse gram

Horse Gram can be used in a variety of ways, making it an incredibly versatile ingredient. It can be boiled and added to soups, stews and even salads for a fiber-rich meal. The grain can also be sprouted and added to smoothies or mixed with other legumes for a unique salad. You can also grind it into flour and use it to make chapatis, parathas, rotis or idlis!

The Benefits of Horse Gram and its Uses

Horse Gram, also known as Kollu, is a small and versatile legume that has been used in Asian traditional medicine for centuries. Rich in protein, fiber and other essential minerals, Horse Gram is gaining popularity among health-conscious consumers for its various health benefits. Learn more about this superfood and its many uses here!


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