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Foxtail Millet Sweet Pops / Coconut Buds (55 gm)

Foxtail Millet Sweet Pops / Coconut Buds (55 gm)

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What is Foxtail Millet Sweet Pops

Foxtail Millet Sweet Pops are a light and delectable dessert that is made from foxtail millet flour. These popes are healthy as foxtail millet is low in calories, carbs, and sugar but high in protein and fiber. Rich in antioxidants and free from gluten, Foxtail Millet Sweet Pops make for a great dessert option for those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth without going overboard on unhealthy treats.

Benefits of Foxtail millet sweet pops

Foxtail Millet Sweet Pops are great for diabetics and those on a low-calorie diet

Low in sugar and calories. They are also a great source of B vitamins,

Which help increase energy levels.

Additionally, foxtail millet is high in protein and fiber,

keeping you full for longer periods of time which can help reduce cravings.

Lastly, these treats are rich in antioxidants that can help protect against diseases.

Uses Of Foxtail Millet Sweet Pops

Foxtail Millet Sweet Pops can be used as a guilt-free snack between meals, or as an after dinner treat. This recipe is also an excellent way to get your kids involved in the kitchen while teaching them about healthy eating. For an added boost of nutrition, you can always add dried fruit, nuts or nut butter to the pops. Enjoy!



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