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Barnyard Millet Cookies (100 GM)

Barnyard Millet Cookies (100 GM)

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What is Barnyard Millet Cookies

Barnyard millet cookies are a delicious vegan treat made with barnyard millet, coconut oil, and other ingredients like nuts, seeds and spices. The cookie dough is easy to make in one bowl and can be customised based on your preference. An excellent source of plant-based protein, barnyard millet has become increasingly popular as a gluten-free alternative to grains like wheat and rye.

Benefits of Barnyard Millet Cookies

๐Ÿช Barnyard millet cookies are a healthier cookie alternative for vegan and gluten-free diets,

๐Ÿช Offering significant nutritional benefits.

๐Ÿชย ย These treats are high in good fats from the coconut oil and protein from the barnyard millet. In addition, they contain a variety of

๐Ÿชย healthy vitamins and minerals like zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and vitamins B6, B9, B12, E and K.

๐Ÿชย  Enjoy barnyard millets cookies as a guilt-free dessert or an energizing snack!

Uses of Barnyard Millet Cookies

Barnyard millet cookies offer a nutritious and delicious snacking option for all kinds of diets. They are gluten-free, vegan friendly and dairy-free. Their mild and slightly sweet taste makes them perfect for anytime snacks or as a complementary food to other meals. Additionally, their crunchy texture makes them ideal to serve alongside smoothies and yogurt. Finally, barnyard millet cookies provide many health benefits that can help improve your overall well-being. Enjoy them in the morning with your breakfast or as an afternoon treat!


Tips & Tricks Barnyard Millet Cookies

For some extra crunch, mix in some oats with the dry ingredients before adding the wet ingredients. If you want to make sure your cookies turn out thick and fluffy every time, use a silicone baking mat or parchment paper to line your cookie sheet before placing your cookie dough on it. Finally, for an extra burst of sweetness, dust the tops of the baked cookies with some cinnamon sugar.




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