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Kadalai Maavu Soap (100 GM)

Kadalai Maavu Soap (100 GM)

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What is Kadalai Maavu Soap

Kadalai Maavu Soap is an all-natural, vegan soap that uses nutritious ingredients like chickpea powder and ayurvedic herbs to cleanse your skin. Made with love and care in small batches to ensure quality, this soap can help you maintain healthy and glowing skin without harsh chemicals or additives.Discover the natural benefits of Kadalai Maavu Soap! This healthy choice for skin care is made from nutritious ingredients like chickpea powder and ayurvedic herbs that cleanse and nourish your skin.Kadalai Maavu Soap is a great choice for those looking for an all-natural way to care for their skin. Made from nutritious ingredients like chickpea powder and ayurvedic herbs, this soap cleanses and nourishes your skin, giving you healthier, softer skin with every use.


7 Benefits of Using Kadalai Maavu Soap


 🧼 Deep hydration 

🧼 Improved complexion

🧼 Antimicrobial protection 

🧼 Anti-aging properties

🧼 Softening of skin texture

🧼 Cleansing without stripping away moisture and nutrients

🧼  Nourishing ingredients that detoxify your skin.

How do you use Kadalai Maavu Soap

To get the most out of this natural soap, gently rub the bar over your face and body in circular motions. For an even deeper treatment, lather the bar with your hands first to make a rich foam. Rinse off thoroughly using warm water and enjoy the soft, nourished skin that Kadalai Maavu Soap provides!


✔️The Kadalai Maavu Soap has 6 month lifetime



✔️100% Kadalai Maavu Soap.

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✔️We follow good manufacturing practices.



✔️Get it within 2-5 days. (Pan India)
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