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Bronze Pot

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What is Bronze Pot

Health seriously and are incorporating changes that are needed in order to live a healthy and better life. These lifestyle changes range from intense workout sessions in the gym to long walks and practising yoga and dietary changes. But more often than not, people forget that the utensil used for cooking holds equal importance in comparison to what they are eating.

While focusing on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is crucial that people also start focusing on the right kind of cookware used for their meals. Experts believe that there are certain vessels that usually have a toxic coating. These vessels often break down at high temperatures and also affect the quality of the food.

Cooking food in brass and iron utensils and the use of copper for drinking water have been familiar to Indian culture for centuries, however, their use has come down substantially. But as we move forward to look after our health and the nutrients we are consuming, it is imperative to ask whether going back to copper, brass, iron utensils and bronze is the right choice. 

Uses  Bronze pot for cooking

Bronze is one of the best metals to consume food in.

⚱️Experts believe that the Kansa plate can reduce the acid content of the food and promotes

⚱️ Gut and digestive health. It also helps in reducing inflammation, improving memory, and aiding in thyroid balance

How to Use Bronze Pot 

This is the best metal for cooking rice.” You can also store water overnight in a copper utensil, and drink your first glass from this to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful metal. Science has now proved that copper-rich foods boost collagen. Therefore, this metal offers advantages for the skin too. If you are a kapha type (prone to weight gain, coughs and congestion), then this is the best for you. “Copper is related to sun and fire, therefore it helps increase agni in the body—so indirectly, it will also increase metabolic rate,” says Dr Naresh. It detoxifies the body, helps increase haemoglobin, improves the secretion of bile and the peristaltic movements of the gut to aid digestion as well.

He metal finds mention in our ancient scriptures, particularly in Ayurveda texts, wherein elaborate accounts of use of bronze kitchenware are given. There is a clear mention of the health benefits of Bronze utensils in these scriptures.Traditional kitchens in India still make use of traditional metal or metal alloy utensils, including those made in bronze. While in north India, there is use of bronze ‘kadaais’ for cooking. In Tamil Nadu.

Last few decades have seen modern homes move towards the Teflon coated non-stick cooking ware, which is now believed to be harmful for the body.However, as there is growing awareness in present generation, the bronze-based and other traditional utensils are increasingly being used more and more in kitchens.




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