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Amla Gooseberry Idly Podi (100 GM)

Amla Gooseberry Idly Podi (100 GM)

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What is Amla Gooseberry Idly Podi

Amla Gooseberry Idly Podi is an Indian snack made by cooking rice, urad dal and amla (Gooseberry) together. Urad dal is a type of black lentil that's rich in nutrients and also gives the dish its unique flavor. The amla adds a subtle sweet-sour taste to the body and helps create a unique texture. This delicious snack is simple to make and loved by all!

Benefit Amla Gooseberry Idly Podi

✔️Amla Gooseberry Idly Podi is a healthy

✔️Numerous health benefits.

✔️It is loaded with important vitamins and minerals,

✔️such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and Vitamin C, which help in boosting immunity.

✔️Additionally, the amla helps fight free radicals and reduce inflammation.

✔️This superfood snack is quickly becoming a hit amongst health-conscious individuals all around the world!

Uses of Amla Gooseberry Idly Podi

✅Amla Gooseberry Idly Podi has a lot of uses that make it the perfect ingredient for snacks and meals.

✅You can use it to make delicious idlis or any other South Indian snack.

✅You can even mix it with flattened rice flakes and enjoy it as a healthier snack option between meals.

✅ Additionally, it also makes a great topping on dosas when combined with oil, ghee and some spices. It is sure to tantalize your taste buds!

How do you eat Amla Gooseberry Idly Podi?

There are lots of ways to enjoy Amla Gooseberry Idly Podi. Enjoy a savory snack prepared in minutes! It’s extremely simple to make. All you need is oil, ghee, and the idly podi mix; sautée them together until all ingredients have been evenly mixed. Serve hot with steamed idlis or as an accompaniment with dosas or other South-Indian snacks of your choice. For a crispy and crunchier snack, add some fried dal before serving so that it sticks to the podi!

Store the powder in an airtight container and enjoy with idli or dosas!

Preparing Amla Gooseberry Idly Podi is an easy and quick snack. Once you have prepared the powder, it can be stored in an airtight container for weeks, making it a perfect accompaniment to idlis or dosas whenever you feel like having some Indian food. This flavorful podi is also great sprinkled on pizzas and burgers! Enjoy this delicious podi with your favorite South-Indian snacks or the classic way with steamed idlis.




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